Print in Grayscale

Sometimes it makes sense to print in greyscale instead of color to save on ink of when color is just not needed. In order to do so, we can follow these simple instructions (the available options can vary depending on the specific program you're using):

1. With the Print dialog opened, select Paper Type/Quality from the menu with the name of the application you're printing from (Microsoft Word in the case of this image)

2. In the Color section, select Greyscale

3. You can print now but optionally you can save that as a preset so you don't have to change it the next time you want to print in greyscale. To do so, select Save Current Settings as Preset... on the Presets menu

4. Give it a name, for example Greyscale, select All Printers and click

5. Now you can select Greyscale directly from the Presets menu from whatever program you're using to print

Happy printing!

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